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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

Air Management Rentals

Dehumidifiers, Air Handlers, Air Scrubbers, & Fans

At TEMP-AIR, our team realizes precise air management is crucial for certain applications. Whether your need is for moisture, temperature, or air quality control we have the rental equipment that will bring your facility back to working conditions.


TEMP-AIR offers both desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers for ultimate moisture and temperature control.

Air Handlers

This combination cooling and heating unit is used at a facility in conjunction with an existing on-site central steam boiler, central hot water boiler, temporary chiller, or temporary boiler.

Air Filtration

Portable air scrubbers remove air contaminants from areas where safety and productivity would otherwise be compromised.


Our industrial fans are used to distribute air throughout various areas within a space.