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Air Filtration C-2000

The C-2000 portable air filtration unit was developed to handle the rigorous demands of micro-decontamination operations where reliable, high volume air filtration is essential to safety and productivity. This compact air scrubber allows for the purification of air contaminants most commonly in hospital, biotechnology, scientific laboratory, pharmaceutical manufacturing and new construction/renovation settings. The C-2000 mobile air cleaner can be used in negative pressure applications as well as in recirculation and positive pressure applications. A variety of C-2000 filter options are available including: HEPAMAX, Tri-Sorb Carbon, and ASHRAE Tri-Cell. The HEPAMAX option filters 99.7% of airborne particles and has the lowest energy cost per filter in new or existing cleanroom designs. The Tri-Sorb Carbon filter is designed to remove particulate and gas phase contaminates. As a MERV 7 filter, the Tri-Sorb Carbon filter is 30% efficient. The ASHRAE Tri-Cell filter works well in construction environments as their metal frames are constructed with a cross brace downstream and pop rivet joints to ensure rigidity for demanding applications. Furthermore, the ASHRAE Tri-Cell design contains a hot melt adhesive seal on all four sides up the upstream face allowing no air bypass around the media pack. The ASHRAE Tri-Cell is available in either a 65% efficient MERV 11 or 95% efficient MERV 14.

  • Plugs into a standard 115V outlet
  • Equipped with casters for portability
  • Easily adapted for permanent installation

C-2000 Specifications

HEPA Efficiency 99.7% @ 0.3 Micron
Housing Stainless Steel
Prefilter Size (in) 25x25
HEPA Size (in) 24x24x11.5
Weight (lb) 170
CFM 2,000/1,600
Speed Control 2-Speed
Power Supply 115/1/60/15
Dimensions (in) 37x28x33


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