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Air Handlers

Air Handler Rentals

This combination cooling and heating unit is used at a facility in conjunction with an existing on-site central steam boiler, central hot water boiler, temporary chiller, or temporary boiler.


  • New construction
  • Industrial building additions
  • Institutional building additions
  • Military bases
  • Municipal plants
  • Power and utility companies
  • Processing applications


  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Remote thermostat control
  • Fused disconnects for power connections
  • Fork pockets and lifting eyes for quick and easy installation

Equipment Specs


TAH-series heaters can be used in structures where there is already a central steam boiler, hot water boiler, or chilled water plant onsite. Alternatively, these units may be used in conjunction with a temporary, mobile chiller or boiler. These portable air handlers, when combined with steam or hot water, will provide dry, even heat or cooling to a space. These units work by circulating hot water, chilled water, or steam through a coil using a blower fan that moves air through the air handler. The unit’s centrifugal blower delivers high air volumes for potential use with ductwork. TAH-series models are ideal for use in new construction sites, industrial building additions, institutional building additions, military bases, municipal plants, power and utility companies, and processing applications.

Model CFM Power Supply Dimensions (in)
TAH-20Full Details 3,500 230/1/60/15; 230/3/60/10; 460/3/60/5 63x34x76
TAH-50VFDFull Details 12,000 460/3/60/30 115x80x71
TAH-100Full Details 20,000 208/3/60/80; 230/3/60/70; 460/3/60/35 120x100x83
TAH-140VFDFull Details 27,000 460/3/60/60 120x100x83
TAH-150Full Details 30,000 208/3/60/100; 230/3/60/90; 460/3/60/45 166x100x102