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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

Cooling Tower Replacement Case Study

TEMP-AIR supplied a temporary cooling tower to efficiently cool a manufacturing plant during a cooling tower replacement.

GE Aviation contracted CH2M Hill to replace their permanent closed loop cooling tower. During the replacement, TEMP-AIR supplied a temporary 270 ton closed loop trailer-mounted cooling tower for the 9-12 month shutdown period. Due to the extensive shutdown period, a temporary cooling tower was chosen as an affordable cooling solution providing low energy usage. The temporary cooling tower was used for multiple cooling applications at GE Aviation's manufacturing plant in order to maintain a normal production schedule.

The equipment package TEMP-AIR provided was a 270 ton trailer-mounted closed loop cooling tower that was equipped with a 250 ton heat exchanger along with a 25 HP pump and a 200’ hose kit for installation. Also, a second 165 ton backup cooling tower was rented to guarantee uninterrupted service.
This particular job was a re-rental of a closed loop cooling tower which is equipment TEMP-AIR does not typically carry within its rental fleet. The cooling tower sizing was engineered through a collaboration of CH2M Hill, TEMP-AIR and a permanent HVAC contractor.

The cooling tower rental involved four different companies working together to provide an effective cooling solution for the end user. The equipment was contracted through a permanent HVAC company by TEMP-AIR and re-rented to CH2M Hill, the agent for GE Aviation in the Newark, DE area. Logistics coordination among all involved was key for the success of the project. The 270 ton cooling tower package was shipped from Arizona to the local permanent HVAC company. This contractor then prepped the equipment for delivery to CH2M Hill for their replacement project at GE Aviation.

A main obstacle faced during the temporary cooling tower project had to do with project engineering. The extensive pre-planning and equipment selection phase of the project proved difficult due to the ever-changing job parameters and project scope. Effective communication and problem solving were key to narrowing down GE Aviation's ultimate needs for the project. Creating satisfying end results for the end user required a high level of customer service support which resulted in multiple project proposals eventually leading to the 270 ton trailer-mounted cooling tower and heat exchanger being chosen as the right solution for this particular job.