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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

New University Classroom Case Study

Steam heaters were used in conjunction with a central steam boiler to efficiently heat the construction site of a new university building.

An Oregon university undergoing a new classroom building construction project required precise temperature control to assist in keeping the project on schedule during the different construction phases. TEMP-AIR provided temporary heating and dehumidifying equipment including (2) model STHP-4000 22,000 CFM steam heaters, (40) 36-in. fans, and 36-in. duct.

The reason steam heat was chosen over electric, indirect-fired, and other construction heater options had to do with the university’s readily available central steam boiler access making a steam heater the most efficient option for this specific project. This rental equipment choice also helped save the contractor thousands of dollars compared to other fuel options.

A unique aspect about this job had to do with the logistics of the HVAC rental equipment setup. A major challenge faced was a lack of room on the perimeter of the building along with very few options for openings to supply the conditioned air into the building. To overcome this obstacle, the TEMP-AIR team opted for a “stacked” unit approach where one of the steam heaters was placed on top of the other.

Since the two sources of conditioned air were placed in the same region, fabric duct was essential in providing the even distribution of conditioned air throughout the building and all the way to the other side of the interior. The ducting was strategically placed high up, out of the way so as not to impede on the project’s progress.