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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

NFL Playoff Game Case Study

Our company thawed out an entire football field to prepare for a crucial NFL wildcard game.

To prepare for the coldest Vikings football game in history, TEMP-AIR was hired to thaw out the frozen turf at TCF Bank Stadium in the days prior to the Vikings vs. Seahawks showdown. As the 3rd coldest NFL game in history, the game kicked off at an actual air temperature of -6°F and a -25°F wind chill. CH-300 heaters were placed behind and on the side of player benches to keep the team toasty while on the sidelines.

To prepare the field for game day, the turf needed to be thawed out and dry in the days leading up to the game. A massive tarp was laid out on the field with carts set up on the tarp's edges to weigh down the sides. Two separate pieces of ducting were then inserted underneath the tarp and were connected to the (2) THP-4500 direct-fired make-up air heaters. Once the heaters were powered on, the tarp blew up similar to a tennis court dome. A total of 9 million BTUs per hour of heat were provided between the two THP-series heaters.

A major obstacle faced by the TEMP-AIR team had to do with the amount of propane allowed on the field at one time during the game. With over (25) heaters requested for the game, a significant amount of propane was needed to keep the heaters lit throughout the entire event. The facility manager requested only a maximum of 500 gallons of propane may be allowed on the field at any given time while the game was in play. The TEMP-AIR service team remained on standby throughout the game to have the opportunity to quickly swap out the tanks if necessary.