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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

Chiller Cooling

Chiller Rentals

We offer 10 to 1,200 ton short term air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.


  • Planned permanent chiller system maintenance
  • Permanent chiller failure
  • Emergency backup chiller


  • Integrated pump
  • Heavy duty frame with lift points for rigging and craning
  • Camlock type electrical connections
  • Flanged or Victaulic connections for ease of hooking up water hose or piping
  • Throttling valves to control water flow

Equipment Specs


If a permanent chiller system experiences sudden failure or will be undergoing planned maintenance, a chiller rental provides an effective temporary cooling solution. Alternatively, rental chillers may be a better, more cost effective solution for short term seasonal chiller needs in comparison to investing in a permanent chiller system. Portable chiller rentals are commonly used at manufacturing plants, industrial processing facilities, hospitals, and schools. Temporary chillers can also be coupled with temporary air handlers for comfort cooling in spaces such as warehouses and large tent events.

Model Tons Type Power Supply
TCA-10Full Details 10 Air-Cooled 460/3/31
TCA-10PFull Details 10 Air-Cooled 460/3/31
TCA-25Full Details 25 Air-Cooled 460/3/65
TCA-35Full Details 35 Air-Cooled 230/3/200
TCA-40Full Details 40 Air-Cooled 460/3/95
TCA-60Full Details 60 Air-Cooled 460/3/135
TCA-100Full Details 100 Air-Cooled 460/3/215
TCA-110Full Details 110 Air-Cooled 460/3/250
TCA-140Full Details 140 Air-Cooled 460/3/60/314
TCA-155Full Details 155 Air-Cooled 460/3/346
TCA-200Full Details 200 Air-Cooled 460/3/455