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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company

Heating Rentals

Temporary, Portable Heaters

TEMP-AIR heater rental equipment is available in a variety of types depending on fuel or power available, whether or not products of combustion are a concern at your job site, and the unique application scenario. When you require temporary heat at your facility, our team will create a custom proposal for your unique job site that includes fuel consumption and electrical usage estimates to assist you with your budgeting needs.


This is our most popular heater type for construction sites, providing warm, dry air to a space.


This equipment series provides heat similar to a home furnace with zero products of combustion entering the space.

Steam/Hot Water Heaters

This type of heater is used at a facility in conjunction with an existing on-site central steam or hot water boiler.

Electric Heaters

These heaters are ideal for jobsites where no gas is available or where flameless operations are required.

Hydronic Heaters

This heater type provides dry, hot air in tightly enclosed or highly insulated areas that require no combustion byproducts.