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Hydronic Heaters

Hydronic Heater Rentals

This heater type provides dry, hot air in tightly enclosed or highly insulated areas that require no combustion byproducts.


  • Construction sites with tight enclosures
  • Highly insulated construction sites
  • Remote jobsites
  • Ground thawing
  • Concrete slab and footing curing


  • Majority of units are towable
  • Multiple fuel types available
  • Uses environmentally friendly propylene glycol

Equipment Specs


Hydronic heaters are ideal for providing dry, hot air in tightly enclosed or highly insulated structures under construction that require flameless operations. Hydronic heating systems use a boiler or heat exchanger to heat a glycol solution which is then pumped through flex hose connected to a portable heat exchanger or fan coil. A blower fan then moves air across the heated coil and into the space. Next, the heat exchangers heat, circulate, and reheat interior air within the structure resulting in minimal ventilation of the space. Multiple heat exchangers can be placed throughout the facility allowing the heating of separate areas. HAH-series heaters can also help thaw frozen ground or cure slabs and footings by recirculating the glycol solution through a heat transfer hose that is laid out in a serpentine pattern.

Model BTU/HR Output Air Delivery Power Supply (Central Heating Module)
HAH-250Full Details 199,000 Three – 1,000 CFM Hydronic Heat Exchangers 115/1/60/15


Our mobile Hydro-Thaw ground thawing units help bring your winter construction site to a work-ready state quickly, efficiently and safely. These units are perfect for thawing ground and preventing frost penetration in isolated, remote locations to prepare your jobsite for dirt and concrete work throughout the winter season. The HTHW-series of equipment also eliminates the need to construct expensive, labor intensive temporary winter enclosures on your jobsite. The 50% propylene glycol mix (a low toxicity anti-freeze) is heated, run through a hose, and covered with curing blankets to thaw frozen ground. Hydro-Thaw mobile ground defrosting units can thaw up to 6,000 sq. ft. of frozen ground and 12 inches deep per day.

Model BTU/HR Output Power Supply (Central Heating Module) Fuel Type
HTHW-2000 (Gas or Propane)Full Details 224,000 230/1/60/20; Two – 115/1/60/15 Natural Gas or Propane
HTHW-2000 (Fuel Oil)Full Details 231,000 230/1/60/20; Two – 115/1/60/15 Fuel Oil
HTHW-2000GFull Details 231,000 230/1/60/20; Two – 120/1/60/15; 8 kW Diesel Generator Fuel Oil
HTHW-2015HGFull Details 360,000 N/A Diesel Fuel