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Hydronic HTHW-2015HG

Our mobile Hydro-Thaw ground thawing units help bring your winter construction site to a work-ready state quickly, efficiently and safely. These units are perfect for thawing ground and preventing frost penetration in isolated, remote locations to prepare your jobsite for dirt and concrete work throughout the winter season. The HTHW-series of equipment also eliminates the need to construct expensive, labor intensive temporary winter enclosures on your jobsite. The 50% propylene glycol mix (a low toxicity anti-freeze) is heated, run through a hose, and covered with curing blankets to thaw frozen ground. Hydro-Thaw mobile ground defrosting units can thaw up to 6,000 sq. ft. of frozen ground and 12 inches deep per day. This all-in-one model contains an onboard generator to suit your power needs.

  • Two hose reel circuits
  • Self-contained towable unit
  • Environmentally friendly propylene glycol
  • Oilmate system allowing extended run time between oil and filter changes
  • Contains built-in generator

HTHW-2015HG Specifications

Dimensions (in) 212x102x98
Weight (lb) 7,350 (No Fuel); 8,960 (Full Fuel)
BTU/HR Input 360,000
Fuel Usage (Diesel) 3.2 GPH
BTU/HR Output 360,000
Power Supply (Central Heating Module) N/A
Fuel Type Diesel Fuel
On-Board Fuel Capacity 230 Gallons
Heating Circuits

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