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TEMP-AIR a Sunbelt Rentals Company


Indirect-Fired Heater Rentals

This type of heater provides heat similar to a home furnace with zero products of combustion entering the space.


  • Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Oil wells
  • Wind towers
  • Bridge construction
  • Temporary facilities
  • Structural drying for flood restoration
  • Special event tents


  • Introduces 100% clean air into the space
  • Multiple fuel types available

Equipment Specs


Indirect-fired heaters are typically installed outside a structure with ductwork drawing the heated air inside the facility. This heater type works similarly to a home furnace by forcing outside air through a heat exchanger and into the space while diverting products of combustion outside of the space through a chimney. IDF-series heaters feature a stainless steel combustion chamber which keeps combustion air separate from the heated discharge air. The IDF-series of indirect-fired heaters are recommended for cleanroom projects for pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and other industrial applications where maintaining a controlled environment is crucial.

Model BTU/HR Output CFM Power Supply
IDF-400Full Details 320,000 2,500 115/1/60/15
IDF-400HSFull Details 3,500 115/1/60/15
IDFO-400HSFull Details 4,000 115/1/60/15
IDF-500Full Details 360,000 2,800 115/1/60/20
IDFO-600Full Details 400,000 3,100 115/1/60/15
IDF-750Full Details 631,000 5,000 208-230/3/60/20
IDF-800Full Details 640,000 6,000 208-230/3/60/20*


The trailer-mounted MIDFO-series of indirect-fired heaters are a great all-in-one option for the temporary heating of remote jobsites. This turnkey mobile heating system contains an on-board diesel fuel tank with a run time up to 28 hours. There is no need to worry about having sufficient external power available at the jobsite as the unit contains a built-in 10kW generator. TEMP-AIR mobile indirect-fired units also include on-board ductwork storage space; duct can be attached to the unit off of two separate collars which can contain ductwork up to 100 feet. The unit’s automated controls indicate proper system power and fuel operation to ensure the system is running effectively. This turnkey heating solution is ideal for the following applications: oil wells, wind towers, bridge construction, temporary facilities, tents, and structural drying for flood restoration.

Model Heat Capacity Air Delivery On-Board Generator
MIDFO-800Full Details One – 800,000 BTU/Hr Indirect-Fired Fuel Oil Heater 4,000 CFM 10 kW
MIDFO-1100Full Details Two – 400,000 BTU/Hr Indirect-Fired Fuel Oil Heater 7,660 CFM Total 10 kW