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Indirect-Fired IDFO-600

Indirect-fired heaters are typically installed outside a structure with ductwork drawing the heated air inside the facility. This heater type works similarly to a home furnace by forcing outside air through a heat exchanger and into the space while diverting products of combustion outside of the space through a chimney. IDF-series heaters feature a stainless steel combustion chamber which keeps combustion air separate from the heated discharge air. The IDF-series of indirect-fired heaters are recommended for cleanroom projects for pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and other industrial applications where maintaining a controlled environment is crucial.

  • Multiple fuel options are available
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Thermostatically controlled for fuel efficiency

IDFO-600 Specifications

Fuel Supply (Oil) 42 Gallons
CFM 3,100
Power Supply 115/1/60/15
Dimensions (in) 70x35x50
Weight (lb) 467
BTU/HR Input 505,000
BTU/HR Output 400,000
Fuel Type Oil

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